First Steps in a New Journey


Hi, my name is Kristen Coakley and welcome to my first blog post!

I am really excited to finally have a platform to be able to share the exciting experience of setting up Butterfly HR Consultancy FZ LLE and my focus on professional coaching solutions through the website. While it has been a long road to today it feels like the first step in a new journey.

First, let me share a little about myself. I have lived in the United Arab Emirates with my family for over 11 years however I am originally Canadian. I am a busy mom of two young children, an entrepreneur and forever student. I love working in such a diverse workplace and having opportunities to experience people from many corners of the world. I am passionate about working with people to make changes that have real impact.

I am also a really strong advocate for the growth mindset which focuses on lifelong learning and seeing our failures as building blocks for future success. I am continuously looking for opportunities to develop myself and push outside of my comfort zone. I have a Double Honours Degree in Psychology and English Literature from York University, Canada and am currently working on my dissertation for a Master’s in Psychology from the University of Liverpool, UK.  Additionally, I am pursuing a Diploma in Professional Coaching and an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Development. I have also had an amazing learning experience during the process of starting up my own business and networking with other inspirational entrepreneurs. I know from my experience that through challenging myself I can truly see what I am capable of achieving. I believe that each of us has the ability to learn and grow at any stage in our lives if we choose to invest in ourselves.

My background as a Human Resources professional has created a strong foundation in development, performance, goal setting, as well as coaching and mentoring. I started my own business to give me the opportunity to have an opportunity to ensure that HR is done right from the beginning and to put people at the heart of the business practices I implement. I believe when implemented properly, HR can create positive business relationships based on transparency, cooperation, respect and mutual understanding which all support the employee and business bottom line. I have worked through many tough business environments such as start-ups, redundancy processes, performance issues and have found that the key to success is through strong communication. Butterfly HR Consultancy offers bespoke HR solutions to businesses that work at all stages of the business cycle and provide best practices for each business need.

I also chose to focus on professional coaching as it allows me to make a difference with people. I work with individuals who are at crossroads – changing jobs, setting up new businesses, or even feeling stuck and needing to make changes. I am passionate about making change successful and supporting my clients to find their best selves. I am a member of the CIPD, ICF and BPS which I value as I think it is critical to work with professionals who uphold ethical standards, are accountable and also dedicated to ongoing learning.

Finally, I truly believe that if we invest time into ourselves to discover what is truly important, where we want to go in the future and make changes to our lives we can achieve anything. The butterfly effect is a really beautiful symbol demonstrating that making small changes can ripple outward and have transformational impact on our lives, families, careers and organisations.

I hope you all enjoy my website and will continue to follow me on this journey. I will be regularly sharing tips, thoughts and updates with you in the future.




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