Pre-Coaching Chemistry Session

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Executive Coaching Packages

My Executive Coaching Package includes either 6 or 10 one-to-one 90-minute sessions which can be done either face-to-face or virtually. These focuses on setting goals, evaluating your current situation, discovering opportunities and committing to taking action to make positive changes. Executive Coaching focuses on you as a holistic individual so includes career, family, work-life balance, personal development, or any challenges you are facing that you bring to the coaching sessions.

Professional Coaching Packages

My 6 month coaching program gives you a collaborative partnership with an experienced coach to help you achieve your goals successfully. We work together to create a transformational goal, evaluate where you are today and how to move forward. My role is to help you raise awareness, challenge your thinking and current strategies, unlock your potential and hold you accountable to actions you want to take.

Coaching with Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessment tools can offer a unique insight into your personality, working styles, and strengths. I use these tools to support you with strengthening your self-awareness of what it important to you, how you prefer to work and interact with others and how you can use this knowledge to become more satisfied, energized, motivated and productive.

Career Coaching

Are you starting a new job, working for a promotion or job searching? Want to confidently make an impact during this change? The first 90 days of any transition are the most critical and with the support of coaching I can help you to set clear goals, evaluate where you are today and create opportunities for you to be successful!

What is Professional Coaching?

Professional Coaching is a discussion focused, reflective learning framework that aims to develop individuals (or team) responsibility, awareness, and thinking and behavioural choices. Individuals may approach coaching when they feel they are in a point of transition and maybe experiencing feelings of frustration, being ‘stuck’, a lack of progress, or even approaching career or life changes. Through engaging a coach, the individual gains a supportive partner who works with them to discover, explore and find understanding of the underlying problems or fears and implement successful change.

Professional Coaching has many positive benefits such as: Enhanced decision-making skills, increased confidence, fresh perspectives on personal challenges, improved interpersonal effectiveness as well as more satisfaction and productivity in life and work. Coaching focuses on forward momentum through setting goals, setting clear developmental steps and goal achievement.

Professional Coaching is not an immediate fix solution but an ongoing process which usually lasts between 6 – 12 months. The coaching relationship is built on confidentiality, trust and clear expectations so that the individual feels supported and empowered to create their own journey.


What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is specifically focused at the senior management level with an expectation that both business and personal development topics will be explored to improve individual performance. Coaching creates value for organisations because it releases potential in individuals through empowering conversations focused on learning, development and growth. There has been consistent research and client feedback demonstrating that companies who engage in coaching see their ROI significantly increased when compared to the cost of coaching. Additional benefits include enhanced people engagement (relationships), job satisfaction, talent retention and higher performing teams. In the past five years, the coaching profession has become the number 1 professional development method preferred by corporate, leading and entrepreneurial businesses to achieve their business, people and cultural goals.

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