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I see many posts about how ‘Your Vibe attracts your Tribe’ but what does this really mean? Your tribe according to Seth Godin, is a group of people who share your values, worldview and are connected to each other. As an expatriate, living in country away from my family I truly believe that this concept is so important. We need to build our lives and careers supported by people who lift us up, challenge and inspire us and become our second family.

I still remember arriving here in Dubai, over 11 years ago knowing two people in the entire country. I found a job, went out and networked and found my people. Now, almost a decade later, I have learned a lot about myself and about the kind of people I want to be surrounded by. I build strong relationships with people who genuinely care about me, my family, and my success. And yes, some of the people that I have called friends over the years have moved away however the ones that are family are never gone from my life.

So what is the key to building your tribe?

Be Authentic and Genuine

Be authentic, be genuine … and be yourself! Finding people who have shared values with you can only happen if you 1) know what your values are and 2) share them with others. In the quote above it says ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ which is very true. Also, perception often becomes reality so if you project an image others believe it to be you. They will also likely see the ingenuity of your actions potentially pushing away people you could truly connect with. So take a breath and a leap of faith, show others the real you. I think you’ll be surprised by the difference it will make in your connections with others.

Be a Risk Taker

Take a risk take and step outside your comfort zone. Get out there and meet people! Even if you are shy or hate networking events, start small. Introduce yourself to one new person and take a chance on making a new connection. Go to social events where there are a few familiar faces. Network with your work colleagues after hours. Putting yourself in a position to meet others is the best way to build your tribe.

Be Passionate

Be passionate about what is important to you. Find activities or groups that do things you love. Start attending conferences or meetings that are about issues you care about. Let your passions be an inspiration for others. Use them to challenge, think creatively and connect people to make a difference. Through doing things that matter and resonate with you, you will find people who share your passions. Who knows, maybe together you can find a way to change the world…

Be Supportive

If you see a colleague do something amazing give them credit for it or that friend that is running their own business, share and promote for them. When I started networking with the small and medium business sector I was amazed at the inspiring people, creative businesses ideas, and dedicated entrepreneurs I met. When I speak to friends or acquaintances, I love to share and promote these businesses to help support them grow. We are often happen to share posts, images and quotes from celebrities or strangers and yet for some reason when it is someone we know or love we hesitate. We maybe like or keep the knowledge to ourselves but what if we supported our connections the same way we support strangers. Remember, we all need a little support sometimes and it takes nothing away from you to give someone else a hand up.

Be a Connector

As someone who has worked in HR and lived in expatriate communities for over a decade, I have met many people over the years. I am happy to connect people who might have shared interests or are looking to collaborate or even offer a recommendation when asked. As humans one of the most important aspects of life is about being connected to those around us. Particularly in the current digitally focused age, it is so important that we use these connections to enrich our lives. Plus, you never know when one of your connections might introduce you to just the person you need in your life or career!

Be Positive and Let Others See Your Joy

Happy to see friends or colleagues you haven’t seen in a while. Show them! Let others see your happiness at reconnecting, they will appreciate it. Feel grateful to have positive and inspiring people in your life, thank them! Start looking at the positive things in your life and enjoy what makes you happy. Focusing on the positives in our lives creates positive energy which attracts people and opportunities to us.

Do you have a tribe that you rely on? Do they inspire, challenge and motivate you?

I would love to hear how your tribe has changed your life!

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