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Do you struggle to make time for for each aspect of your life and feel guilty when there isn't enough of you to go around?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your goals to be successful in both career and family life?

Do you want to feel confident in your career and abilities?

Are you feeling stuck or trapped in your situation and want to find a better way?

Do you want to find a clear and authentic sense of direction?

Are you struggling to stay motivated and need to rediscover your passions?

Do you want to change jobs and feel like you don't know where to start?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, Kristen Coakley Professional Coaching is the solution for you.


Professional Coaching Packages

Professional coaching is about unlocking potential through a collaborative partnership. This focuses on raising self-awareness, identifying key goals and making sustainable changes. Kristen's philosophy is that through small changes we can have huge impact on our lives, careers, families and organisations. She is passionate about our ability to grow, learn and develop at any stage in our lives. Kristen supports you by holding you accountable for the actions you have chosen, challenging you to go beyond your comfort zone, and inspiring you to go after your dreams. She also shows you the connection between how you think and the impact it has on the results in your life. She is dedicated to supporting you along your journey and making change successful for all of us.

These coaching sessions are conducted one-to-one, either face-to-face or virtually, over a 6 - 12 month period.

Corporate Coaching Packages

Kristen works with organisations who want to strengthen the performance of their executives and leaders through coaching solutions. Coaching creates value for organisations because it releases potential in individuals through empowering conversations focused on learning, development and growth. There has been consistent research and client feedback demonstrating that companies who engage in coaching see their ROI significantly increased when compared to the cost of coaching. Additional benefits include enhanced people engagement (relationships), job satisfaction, talent retention and higher performing teams. In the past five years, the coaching profession has become the number 1 professional development method preferred by corporate, leading and entrepreneurial businesses to achieve their business, people and cultural goals.

Psychometric Assessment Tools

Psychometric Tools can be used as part of a coaching program or in organisations aligned with people strategies. The field of psychometrics is concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement including measures of strengths, preferences, abilities, and personality traits. The tools are a standard and scientific method used to measure the differences between individuals. For organisations, whether hiring new employees, helping teams to understand how they work together, or creating an individual development plan for employees, it can be essential to understand these types of unique and less visible attributes.

Psychometric assessments create opportunities for self-discovery, understanding of your preferences and motivation which impact career decisions, relationships, and work effectiveness. In coaching, they create holistic development and personal growth opportunities.

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"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you"

Michael Phelps

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